มัลติเกท BEHRINGER XR4400 Multi Gate

มัลติเกท 4 ชาแนล MULTIGATE PRO XR4400 Reference-Class 4-Channel Expander/Gate


฿9,500.00 ฿8,050.00




มัลติเกท 4 ชาแนล MULTIGATE PRO XR4400 Reference-Class 4-Channel Expander/Gate

The MULTIGATE PRO XR4400 provides four frequency-selective expanders/noise gates in a single rack space. Each section comprises an ultra-fast gate, a program dependent expander, a filter section and precision meters indicating both threshold point and gain reduction.

The included side chain parametric filters allow the user to fine-tune control signals so that the gate reacts only when required. The Interactive Attack Control (IAC) circuit analyzes the program material to calculate the attack time of the gate. Separate hold and release controls offer additional flexibility. The XR4400 has a switchable operating mode for the gate and expander. With the MODE function off, the unit works in gate mode using an extremely fast attack time, thus preserving the transient details of the program material. In expander mode, the device analyzes the shape and dynamic contents of the input signal to calculate the control time parameters. The result is that vocals, instruments and complex mix signals can be cleaned up without audible clicks or other detrimental effects.


  • 4 high-quality expander/gate channels
  • IRC (Interactive Ratio Control) expander/gate circuitry for virtually inaudible noise suppression
  • Extremely short attack time (<10 µsec) to capture ultra-high speed signals such as drums
  • Parametric side chain filter with monitor function
  • Independent Hold and Release controls for flexible envelope shaping
  • Maximum attenuation 80 dB
  • FlexLink system for ultimate master/slave configurations
  • Dedicated “Traffic light” Threshold and Gain Reduction LED indicators
  • Servo-balanced inputs and outputs with ¼” TRS and gold-plated XLR connectors


unction Four channel expander/gate
Number of Channels 4
Inputs 4 x XLR, 4 x TRS 1/4″ phone
Output 4 x XLR, 4 x TRS 1/4″ phone
Maximum Input Level +21dBu
Compression Threshold Not applicable
Compression Ratio Not applicable
Attack Time Not applicable
Release Time Not applicable
Gate Threshold 0 to -80dB
Gate Rate Attack: Program dependant
Hold: 0 to 4 sec, variable
Release: 50ms to 4 sec, variable
Maximum Output Level +21dBu
Make-up Gain Not specified by manufacturer
Frequency Response 18HZ to 30kHz
Dynamic Range Not specified by manufacturer
Noise >95dBu, unweighted, 22Hz to 22kHz
Dimensions 1U rack mount, 8 1/2″ deep
Specialties Unit will operate at either +4dB or -10 dB


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