RANE EXP3x Output Expander

อุปกรณ์ปรับแต่งเสียง RANE EXP3x 8-ch analog output & DSP expander for the HAL1x (required for operation). Two RAD ports make it a 4-input, 12-output audio device


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Rane EXP3x Zone Output Expander with DSP for HAL1x

อุปกรณ์ปรับแต่งเสียง RANE EXP3x 8-ch analog output & DSP expander for the HAL1x (required for operation). Two RAD ports make it a 4-input, 12-output audio device

The EXP3x is an 8-channel analog output & DSP expander for the HAL1x (required for operation). Two RAD ports make it a 4-input, 12-output audio device — depending on which two RADs are connected. Thus, 32 daisy-chained EXP3x Expanders provide 256 discrete zone outputs maximum, including output compression, parametric EQ, two levels of paging and background music. Also, eight logic outputs and six DR remote ports are included. Therefore, 32 daisy-chained EXP3x Expanders would provide 64 RAD ports, 192 DR ports and 256 logic outputs.

The dedicated DSP for each of the eight analog outputs offers two signal processing choices independently selectable per output. When you need background music, paging and emergency paging on an output, select the Zone Output processing set. This provides a Zone Processor block, and an Emergency Zone in addition to a Compressor and a 5-band parametric EQ with high- and low-cut filters. When Line Output is selected, the compressor and parametric EQ are available without the zone processing block and emergency paging blocks.



  • For HAL1x Expansion
  • Eight Channels of Analog Output
  • DSP Available for Individual Outputs
  • DSP: Compression and Parametric EQ
  • Paging and Emergency Zone Paging
  • Two Remote Audio Devices (RAD) Ports
  • Daisy-Chain up to 32 EXP3x Expanders
  • Supports Rane DR-Series Remote Controls
  • Supports External Control Systems


Expansion Bus
Expansion Expansion Bus: HAL1x required, Shielded CAT 5e cable with RJ-45 connectors
Audio Channels Maximum: 512 in x 512 out of HAL1x, plus control channel
Maximum Expandability Maximum EXP3x Units: 32, daisy-chain with shielded CAT 5e or better
Maximum Cable Length 300′ / 100 m
Line Outputs
Outputs 8 x balanced outputs, Euroblock, 4 x 6-pin, 5 mm pitch, orange
Maximum Output +20 / +16 dBu, 10 kOhms / 600 ohms, 1 kHz
Dynamic Range 107 dB typical, A-weighted,
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz, +0.1 / -0.3 dB, +4 dB, unity gain, 10 kOhms load
Impedance 200 ohms / leg typical, @ 1 kHz
Channel Isolation Inter-channel Isolation: >100 dB typical, @ 1 kHz
Signal -50 dBFS typical
Green LED: Peak-reading
Overload -0.5 dBFS typical
Red LED: Peak-reading
Propagation Delays
Propagation Delay Expansion Bus to Line Out: 793 μs
RAD In to Expansion Bus: 466 μs
Expansion Bus to RAD Out: 520 μs
RAD / DR Ports
Audio Channels RAD Audio Channels: 4 in x 4 out
Cable Length RAD Cable Length: 500′ / 150 m, shielded CAT 5e or better
DR Cable Length: 1000′ / 300 m, shielded CAT 5e or better
Power RAD Power: 24 VDC @ 100 mA
DR Power: 24 VDC @ 50 mA
Logic Output Port
Logic Output Connector: 2 x mini Euroblock, 6-pin, 3.81 mm pitch, black
Internal Pull-Up: 1.0 kOhms, 5.0 V, protected to +30 V, reverse polarity protected
Sink Current: 200 mA maximum, output FET on
LED Drive Current: 2 mA, output FET off, Vf = 2.0 V
Logic High Output Voltage: 4.7 V minimum, output FET off, output current 0.0 mA
Logic Low Output Voltage: 0.1 V maximum, output FET on, sink current < 200 mA
General Specifications
Power Requirement 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 25 W maximum
Conformance Unit Conformity: CE, FCC, CCSAUS
Rackmount 1 U
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1.8 x 19.0 x 8.3″ / 4.4 x 48.3 x 21.0 cm
Weight 4.1 lb / 1.9 kg


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