ชุดไมค์กลอง JTS TXB-5M1 Drum Mic Pack

Drum Pack JTS TXB-5M1 ชุดไมค์สำหรับจ่อกลองชุด แบบไดนามิคไมค์ ในชุดประกอบด้วย ไมค์ 5 ตัว คือ TX-2 1ตัว, TX-6 4ตัว

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ไมค์จ่อกลอง JTS TXB-5M1 Drum Microphone Pack

Drum Pack JTS TXB-5M1 ชุดไมค์สำหรับจ่อกลองชุด แบบไดนามิคไมค์ ในชุดประกอบด้วย ไมค์ 5 ตัว คือ TX-2 1ตัว, TX-6 4ตัว

The TXB-5M1 is a five piece instrument microphone set comprising of one TX-2 bass instrument microphone, two TX-6 instrument microphones all in a convenient and heavy duty flight case.

Delivery Includes

1 x TX-2 bass instrument microphone
4 x TX-6 instrument microphones


The TX-2 is a dynamic supercardioid bass instrument microphone that provides excellent articulated response for the miking of kick drums and other low frequency instruments such as bass guitar amps. It features an internal pneumatic shock mount to reduce unwanted vibrations and noise, a heavy duty and hard wearing mic body, and built in adjustable locking stand adapter.

The two TX-6 are dynamic supercardioid microphones that are specifically designed for the close miking of snare drums, tom-toms, percussion instruments, guitar amplifiers, brass and woodwind instruments and various other acoustic instruments in live performance or recording studio applications.



  • Type:  Moving Coil Dynamic
  • Frequency Response:  60~16,000 Hz
  • Polar Pattern:  Supercardioid,rotationally symmetrical about microphone axis, uniform with frequency
  • Sensitivity(at 1,000Hz):  -72dB* (0.25mV)*0dB=1V/μbar
  • Impedance:  600Ω
  • Net Weight: 196 grams (cable excluded)

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