ชุดไมค์กลอง JTS NXB-8M Drum Mic Pack

Drum Pack JTS NXB-8M ชุดไมค์สำหรับจ่อกลองชุด แบบไดนามิคไมค์และคอนเดนเซอร์ ในชุดประกอบด้วย ไมค์ 8 ตัว คือ NX-6 4ตัว, NX-9 2ตัว, NX-7 1ตัว, NX-2 1ตัว

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ไมค์จ่อกลอง JTS NXB-8M Drum Microphone Pack

Drum Pack JTS NXB-8M ชุดไมค์สำหรับจ่อกลองชุด แบบไดนามิคไมค์และคอนเดนเซอร์ ในชุดประกอบด้วย ไมค์ 8 ตัว คือ NX-6 4ตัว, NX-9 2ตัว, NX-7 1ตัว, NX-2 1ตัว

The JTS NXB-8M/A is an eight piece set of instrument microphones in a convenient heavy duty flight case. The set comprises of four NX-6 microphones, one NX-2 microphone, 1 NX-7 microphone, and two NX-9 microphones.


The NX-6 are dynamic cardioid instrument microphones designed to have an extended frequency response and wide dynamic range. These microphones work excellently with drums and percussion and will also suit a wide variety of other instruments.

The NX-2 is a dynamic cardioid bass instrument microphone designed for low frequency pickup which is ideal for kick drums.

The set also includes a NX-7 is a multipurpose dynamic cardioid microphone designed for optimal warmth and clarity. The pickup pattern and sound quality is ideal for vocals, drums, guitar amplifiers and a variety of other instruments.

Finally, the NX-9 are cardioid condenser microphones designed for overhead applications such as drum kit hi-hats and cymbals, acoustic guitar, and string ensembles. They produce extended frequency response and enlarged dynamic range, delivering smooth and transparent reproduction of a variety of musical instruments.


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