ชุดไมค์กลอง BLUE Microphone Drum Kit

BLUE Drum Kit เป็นชุดไมค์สำหรับจ่อกลองชุด ในชุดประกอบด้วย ไมค์ 3 ตัว เป็นไมค์ชนิด Condenser Includes 2 Dragonfly and one Mouse mics with shockmounts


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ไมค์จ่อกลอง BLUE Microphone Drum Kit

BLUE Drum Kit เป็นชุดไมค์สำหรับจ่อกลองชุด ในชุดประกอบด้วย ไมค์ 3 ตัว เป็นไมค์ชนิด Condenser Includes 2 Dragonfly and one Mouse mics with shockmounts

2 Dragonfly mics and one Mouse mic to help you recapture the 3-mic drum miking technique.


Inspired by some of the most important recordings in music history, Blue Microphones has created the Blue Drum Kit Kit for an easy solution to replicate the fabled ‘3-mic’ drum miking technique that professional engineers have used for years. The Blue Drum Kit Kit consists of the award-winning Mouse and a stereo matched pair of Dragonfly microphones. These three microphones complete the sonic spectrum needed in producing a full-bodied, live recording session for the most discerning drummer and engineer.

Mouse Microphone

The Mouse’s hand-tuned capsule is specifically designed to capture the thundering lows of bass and baritone vocals and low-end instrument sources. Enclosed within a rotating spherical grille, the capsule can also be positioned and adjusted into the smallest of spaces for applications where versatility is paramount. The Mouse is perfectly suited for kick drums, acoustic bass, electric bass amplifiers, snare drums, broadcast and voiceover work, and any other sources where accurate reproduction of low frequency transients is paramount.

Dragonfly Microphones

The Dragonfly generates a silky extended top-end, contoured midrange and a bump at the upper end of the lower frequencies that thickens thin signal sources. With an integrated elastic shockmount and rotating head, the Dragonfly utilizes its innovative industrial design to enable quick and precise mic placement on the fly. The Dragonfly is ideally suited for high-frequency sources like alto and soprano vocals, percussion, electric guitar, drum overheads, and “difficult” sources such as stringed instruments.

All three mics and their schockmounts come in a protective metal case with a plush interior that had cutouts to keep your mics safe between uses.


  • Includes 2 Dragonfly and one Mouse mics with shockmounts
  • Metal travel case has plush interior and form fitting cutouts for all components


BLUE Microphone Drum Kit

Dragonfly (each)

  • Acoustical operating principal: Pressure gradient
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Output impedance: 50Ω
  • S/N ratio CCIR468-3: 75dB
  • Noise level DIN/IEC 651: 8dB-A
  • Dynamic range (2.5kΩ load): 132dB
  • Directional pattern: Cardioid
  • Sensitivity at 1kHz into 1kΩ: 21mV/Pa
  • Rated load impedance: Not less than 1kΩ
  • S/N ratio DIN/IEC 651: 86dB-A
  • Max SPL (0.5% THD) into 2.5kΩ: 140dB
  • Weight: 630g
  • Dimensions: 165mm x 65mm


  • Transducer type: Condenser, pressure gradient
  • Polar pattern: cardioid
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 21.0mV/Pa at 1kHz (1Pa = 94dB SPL)
  • Output impedance: 150Ω
  • Rated load impedance: >1 kΩ
  • Maximum SPL: 138dB SPL (2.5kΩ, 0.5% THD)
  • S/N ratio: 85dB-A (IEC 651)
  • Noise level: 8.0dB-A (IEC651)
  • Dynamic range: 130dB (@2.5kΩ)
  • Power requirement: +48V DC Phantom Power (IEC 268-15)
  • Weight: 980g
  • Dimensions: 165mm x 65mm

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