Digital Signal Processor EV Electro-Voice DC-One

อุปกรณ์ปรับแต่งสัญญาณเสียง Electro-Voice DC-One, 2-in/6-out, 60 factory presets, 20 user presets, Editor software control via USB port, 24-bit AD/DA conversion, 32-bit floating point internal processing, Analog or AES/EBU Inputs


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EV Electro-Voice DC-One 2-in/6-out sound system processor

อุปกรณ์ปรับแต่งสัญญาณเสียง Electro-Voice DC-One, 2-in/6-out, 60 factory presets, 20 user presets, Editor software control via USB port, 24-bit AD/DA conversion, 32-bit floating point internal processing, Analog or AES/EBU Inputs

Based on a 2-in, 6-out topology, the DC-One is a rackmountable loudspeaker controller from Electro-Voice designed primarily for users of small-to-medium sized sound systems in both mobile and installed applications. Based on a powerful SHARC processor, it is 100% compatible with all settings from other Electro-Voice signal processors. Includes software for optional control via a PC.

A large part of EV DC-One’s development was aimed at ensuring that users can easily handle its serious digital horsepower and high-end audio performance. Though free PC-Editor software is available, the DC-One speaker controller can be easily operated via the front panel. Direct access buttons, 6 predefined configuration modes (1 being free configuration), straightforward output delay settings, and true professional metering all allow for safe operation.

The DC-One’s unique front-panel access control allows the user to select a personal library of accessible presets (out of 60 factory and 20 user presets). In addition, the user can determine which individual parameters in each preset are locked (e.g. factory predefined output parameters) or editable (e.g. master EQ or delay settings).


The EV DC-One has a 19″ chassis that is deep enough to match typical amplifier depths, a front-panel USB connector for the PC-Editor, and accepts either analog or digital (AES-EBU) input signals; a 6-dB input pad is available. The RS232 on the rear also provides 8 contact closures for preset changes or allows 2 units to be linked for larger systems. The PC-Editor software, as well as firmware updates allowing additional functions, will be available on Electro-Voice’s website.


  • DC-One Editor software control via USB port
  • Analog or AES/EBU Inputs
  • Switchable -6 dB pre-A/D converter pad
  • 24-bit AD/DA conversion
  • 32-bit floating point internal processing
  • 111 dB dynamic range
  • Six predefined operation configurations
  • Contact closure interface for remote preset recall
  • 60 factory presets, 20 user presets
  • Unique edit/compare mode for audible parameter adjustment
  • Highly-customizable security settings


A/D Conversion24-Bit Delta-Sigma, 24-bit/sigma-delta 128 times oversampling Linear Phase
Analog InputsTwo XLR, Two XLR THRU OUT
Analog OutputsSix XLR
Control ProtocolFront Panel USB port
D/A Conversion24-Bit Delta-Sigma, 24-bit/sigma-delta 128 times oversampling
Data Format24-Bit
Digital Inputs1 XLR AES/EBU (2 Ch)
Dynamic Range111 dB unweighted, band limited 22 Hz – 22 kHz
Electronics TypeProcessor
Frequency Response10 Hz – 22 kHz ±0.5 dB
Input Impedance (Balanced)10 kΩ
Internal Processing32-Bit Floating Point
Mains Voltage100-240 VAC
Maximum Input Voltage8.7 V / +21 dBu Without -6 dB Analog Pad Engaged
Maximum Output Voltage8.7 V / +21 dBu
Nominal Input Voltage1.23 V / +4 dBu
Nominal Output Voltage1.23 V / +4 dBu
Output Impedance (Balanced)50 Ω
Power Consumption25 W
Sample Rate48 kHz
THD+N< 0.01% band limited 22 Hz – 22 kHz
Height1RU 44.25 mm (1.74)
Width482.6 mm (19)
Depth355.6 mm (14)
Weight Net4.6 kg (10.14 lbs)

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สายด่วน : 081-2399040, 084-7696296, 089-6915832

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