ไมค์บันทึกเสียง BLUE Microphone Bottle Capsule B3

BLUE Bottle Capsule B3 รูปแบบการรับเสียง Cardioid Mid-sized Diaphragm Capsule for Blue Bottle Microphone


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ไมโครโฟนบันทึกเสียง BLUE Microphone Bottle Capsule B3

BLUE Bottle Capsule B3 รูปแบบการรับเสียง Cardioid Mid-sized Diaphragm Capsule for Blue Bottle Microphone

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12.25.47 PMThe Blue B3 Bottle Cap is an incredibly transparent, neutral capsule for the Blue Bottle microphone. Cardioid, with a mid-sized diaphgram, the Blue B3 is excellent for capturing female vocals, distant miking of orchestral groups and instruments, distorted electric guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins, and resonator guitars. You can also expect a natural, “folky” tone when used on nylon- and steel-string acoustic guitars.

This Blue B3 Bottle Cap is one of seven interchangeable capsules you can use with your Blue Bottle microphone to take it to even greater sonic heights! With each capsule in the collection, you add a different array of tonal characteristics and pickup patterns to the Blue Bottle, allowing you to capture everything from the wispiest highs to the most gut-punching lows imaginable. Ultimately giving Blue’s flagship microphone a level of detail and aural quality reserved for the most classic and expensive models out there, you’ll get the most out of an already incredible microphone with Blue Bottle Caps.


Ultimate transparent, neutral sound


Perfectly suited for female vocals, distant miking orchestral groups and instruments, banjo, mandolin, resonator guitar, jazz guitar, distorted electric guitar, electric bass, a natural or “folky” acoustic guitar tone, double reeds and organ.


With B3, we set out to deliver the sonic precision of classic cardioid settings. B3 brings a proprietary dual backplate capsule design that yields accurate recording tones when used with vocals and instruments—and it smooths out the top end with an added 2dB at 12kHz.

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